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We’re A leading E-Commerce Agency that covers every aspects of marketing, focusing on ROAs

Strategic plans designed specifically by MINIMICE GROUP with over 400 tests that we dare to set KPIs every 3 months, we can achieve more that 98% of the goals, guaranteed by country’s leading customers.

The Leading E-Commerce Agency behind the most competitive No.1 rank in Thailand


We have an E-Commerce team ready to support your business to grow exponentially on E-Commerce platform. We cover everything from business analysis and planning, creating content & artwork, including monitoring marketing campaigns.
We’re behind the success of E-Commerce ads for many brands in various industries, both B2B and B2C. We understand the story behind every business to analyze competitors and find the most appropriate for continuous and sustainable growth.
Strategies from Minimice Group’s E-Commerce team that are specifically planned for each business, focusing on increasing ROAs to grow your business above all competitors.
We believe in quality and potential with more than 5 guaranteed awards at the national level. With the ability to drive brand growth, we create data driven marketing strategies. This ensures that your business stays ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

We’re a highly experienced
Full-Team E-Commerce Agency

For continued success and business growth, at Minimice Group, we have assembled a team of experts with extensive experience in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, ready to support you from the first step.

What is CPAS?

CPAS is an abbreviation for Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution is an advertising format where brands on E-Commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee display products on Facebook in the form of Dynamic Ads. Brands can choose to display products according to the target group they set.

How does CPAS work?
E-Commerce platforms that partner with Facebook create product catalogs and brand sends these catalogs to the target audience whether it’s general target group or Re-Targeting target groups who have already come to view the product.

Why should brands choose CPAS?
CPAS ads can greatly increase sales for a business because CPAS can connect customers from Facebook with a large number of users to E-Commerce platform immediately and also makes Re-Targeting more efficient to people who are actually likely to buy the product, ultimately stimulating more conversions.

E-Commerce SEO service from MINIMICE GROUP

MINIMICE GROUP’s E-Commerce Services

Result-Driven Digital Marketing Agency focuses on rapid and sustainable growth
Be on the 1st page of every keyword, increasing your visibility over competitors and boost your sales.
Increase sales for your E-Commerce business in the Marketplace on Facebook.
Reach potential customers on the popular Marketplace website that will make customers easily see your store.
Adjust website to rank higher. Google’s page focuses on site structure that is good for bots and users.
Design site structure according to UX/UI principles, arrange products to be easy for users.

E-Commerce SEO on all platforms

  • Shopify SEO
  • Woo-Commerce
  • PHP Custom made
  • Squarespace
  • Magento E-Commerce
  • Shopee, Lazada
  • Weebly E-Commerce

Marketing framework that expands opportunities in every online marketing channel

We’re not just a marketing agency, but we’ll be a Business Partner for every customer to plan holistic marketing together with brands. Expand growth opportunities in all online marketing channels and grow your business by leaps and bounds.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Media

In-depth look at every part of an E-Commerce website for the fastest ranking.

Minimice Group team will inspect every element of the website and plan for E-Commerce website ads to get the highest ROAs and increase traffic to the website with specific strategies by keywords planning. Including design site structure that meets both Google bot and users’ needs in order to turn visitors into regular customers.

Clear work timeline for success in E-Commerce website advertising

Minimice Group team will inspect every website’s element and plan for E-Commerce ads to create the most Return On Ads Spend (ROAs) with a clear timeline for success in work and smooth operation. Let the campaign achieve its highest goals.

Advertising on E-Commerce Platforms: Shopee Ads, Lazada Ads

Increase visibility of stores and products on popular E-Commerce platforms in Thailand like Shopee and Lazada that really help create sales. Don’t waste money in vain. Brands can earn up to 75% more from sales on the platform. Rest assured, you can actually increase your sales through advertising on Shopee and Lazada.
Business growing together with us!

Our E-Commerce results measuring

SEO Measurement is essential for SEO agency. We generally focus on Google’s ranking, but that may not be the entirety of SEO. Brand’s primary goal is sales and brand awareness increasing. At Minimice Group, we mainly focus on ROAs. Here’re metrics that we focus on:

  • ROAs (Return on Assets)
  • Organic Traffic
  • Organic Conversion
  • Organic Conversion Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Organic Impression
  • Core Web Vital (Website Speed)
  • Rankings
  • Brand Keyword Goals

Shopee Ads or Lazada Ads can create ROAs many times higher than other channels.

Shopee Ads and Lazada Ads both lead more conversions or product purchases than advertising on social media. Because the platform is specifically E-Commerce, so there are more sales than on general websites.

How good is it to advertise on Shopee and Lazada?

  • Shops ranked on the 1st page, increase visibility, reach and conversions
  • Able to repeat ads for higher chance of closing sales
  • Expand your sales opportunities through visibility on Facebook with CPAS
  • You only pay for ads when customers click. Be assured that the budget will be spent on people who are truly interested in the product.

Mega Campaign or marketing campaign held on the same day and month. It’s a period when brands can generate more income from product price reduction and special deals, which the brand’s sales increase exponentially. More than 80% of people tend to buy more products during Mega Campaign.

Doing ads during the Mega Campaign will generate more sales than before. Our team plans to shoot ads during this particular campaign. To keep your store at the top of searches, increase your chance of making sales. Stimulate sales beyond target, creating ROAs more than 200 times.

Mega Campaign or Double Date Campaign is a marketing campaign that E-Commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada will hold on the same day and month. To attract buyers to spend more by offering special promotions and reduce product prices. Conversions on Double Dates tend to increase every year, especially from the 9th month on wards.

Managing a large campaign requires experts with experience in advertising on E-Commerce platforms to help your store generate as many sales as possible.

Frequently Asked Question

E-Commerce is the shortened term for Electronic Commerce, meaning buying & selling that takes place on a website. Covers a wide range of activities from online shopping, online payment and is a source for collecting product lists, articles, company history and contact information.
  • Access to the global market through an online presence expands reach and goals further.
  • Consumers are increasingly inclined to purchase products online.
  • Selling products is possible around the clock, without limitations of space and time.
  • Obtain in-depth customer data to tailor marketing strategies effectively and capture customer hearts for repeat purchases.
  • E-Commerce platforms easily support business growth, whether it’s increasing orders or expanding product lines.
  • Reach your business, products, and services directly to the target audience by ranking on the first page of search results.
  • Increase organic traffic to the website and boost conversions.
  • Reduce costs in paid media.
  • Establish sustainable long-term sales.
  • Create valuable results for every campaign with a high Return on Advertising Spend (ROAs).

Businesses in E-Commerce have a variety of options for Content Management Systems (CMS), ranging from ready-made websites to custom-built ones. Popular CMS options include:

  1. WordPress/WooCommerce – Easy to use, large community in Thailand.
  2. Shopify – Beautiful layouts, extensive SEO components (though not complete).
  3. PHP Custom Made – Highly customizable, recommended for in-house or on-call developers.
  4. Squarespace – User-friendly with beautiful designs, but limited component customization.
  5. Magento eCommerce – User-friendly, customizable SEO components, requires Magento developers.
  6. BigCommerce – Comprehensive but can be challenging in the CMS system.
  7. Weebly – Comprehensive, but user-friendliness may be challenging.

MINIMICE recommends WordPress or WooCommerce and PHP Custom Made because they allow easy customization of SEO components, providing full control due to their customizability and fewer limitations on component changes.

Website that meets both UX/UI
A good website should have a beautiful and standout design, but aesthetics alone may not meet user needs. What’s more crucial is the user experience. The website should not have a complicated or complex design, using a well-organized menu structure, clear categorization of products, and a search tool that helps users find products quickly. Most importantly, the website must load quickly.
Mobile Responsiveness
Adapt the website to be suitable for use on mobile phones to accommodate users who primarily search for and purchase products through smartphones or tablets.
Clear Product Images and Details
Display high-resolution images of products and may utilize the zoom function to allow users to view product details more clearly. Provide accurate and comprehensive product details to offer information and assist customers in making purchasing decisions.
Easy and Convenient Payment Process
Develop a payment process with minimal complexity to reduce order cancellations. Provide a variety of payment options to accommodate the diverse range of payment methods available today.
Stimulate Purchase Decisions with CTA
Utilize eye-catching and compelling CTAs to guide users towards making a purchase. Emphasize special offers, discounts, or promotions.
Customer Support
Assist users with questions or various issues, such as live chat or a hot line.

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