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Drive sales for your business with TikTok Ads. TikTok is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media platforms of our time. Many businesses are increasingly turning to TikTok to promote their brands because it has a large daily reach and can reach a diverse audience. TikTok is a channel that businesses should consider using to reach their target audience.

MINIMICE GROUP has a team of social media ads experts who can optimize your ads to be as effective as possible. We guarantee that you will have the opportunity to grow your sales.


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TikTok Ads Service

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Choose the right TikTok Ads for your business

In-feed Ads

In-feed ads appear alongside regular videos in the For You feed. They can be liked, commented on, shared, and followed. Brands can add a call to action button to drive traffic to their website.

Brand Takeover Ads

Ads will appear immediately when users open the application for 5 seconds, so brands need to create outstanding images or videos that can grab the attention of users.

TopView Ads

Advertisements will appear in the early stages after opening the app. TopView ads are the best placements of ads on TikTok.

Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads

Engage users with your brand by creating a challenge using a hashtag for your advertising campaign. This will help build engagement between your brand and users.

Branded Effects

Creating brand effects or stickers for users to use in their content creation is another way to promote the brand through user-generated content.

Why is TikTok Ads better?

Reach a huge audience with TikTok Ads

Advertising on the powerful platform like TikTok will help your brand reach a vast audience. With the increasing number of TikTok users, it is one of the most promising and attractive channels for advertising. The team of MINIMICE GROUP can lead your business to sustainable success on the most popular platform.

Unlock sales with a lower Cost Per Conversion

Due to TikTok is a new platform with not much advertising, the CPC or Cost Per Conversion is cheaper than other platforms. This can save you money on your advertising costs.

Build brand awareness faster than any other platforms

TikTok is becoming increasingly popular due to its easy-to-understand platform format, short and concise clips, and space for all content. This makes it a perfect platform for businesses looking for new ways to advertise that can help build brand awareness and expand their businesses to new levels. With strong branding, TikTok is the tool you’re looking for, and it costs the least to build your brand.

Expand your target audience with cross-platform remarketing ads

Every social media platform has its own advertising system, but cross-platform marketing can be done with remarketing ads to reach your target audience on all platforms.


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Frequently Asked Question

TikTok Ads is a marketing strategy that uses the TikTok app to reach a large and growing audience in Thailand. By consulting with us, you can learn how to create effective TikTok ads that will reach your target audience.
B2C businesses would be a perfect fit for TikTok Ads. Social media can create demand for people to be interested in something. B2B businesses may be more difficult to reach than B2C businesses. If you are not sure if your business is suitable for advertising on any platform, consult our Ads team. They are ready to help you analyze your insights.
TikTok is a cost-effective platform for advertising. The platform itself is relatively inexpensive, and it reaches a large audience. With a quality team to develop TikTok advertising strategies, you can be sure that your business results will improve significantly.
Let your business grow with a leap with a professional marketing team.
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