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Building a professional network for businesses with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a B2B (Business to Business) platform that excels in career and business. It is a medium that connects companies and individuals who are looking for new opportunities in their careers. LinkedIn has over 930 million users worldwide, making it a platform to watch for businesses that want to target business-to-business customers.

If you are looking to expand your business on a B2B social media platform and want to find new partners, whether they are leading businesses from Thailand or abroad, don’t hesitate to consult with MINIMICE GROUP. We are one of the leading experts in advertising and marketing through the LinkedIn platform.


LinkedIn Ads Agency
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LinkedIn Ads Service

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Reach business professionals and owners directly with LinkedIn Ads

If you want to advertise to decision-makers, LinkedIn is a great option. 25% of LinkedIn users are senior-level employees with high purchasing power. If you don’t want to miss out on great business opportunities, MINIMICE GROUP’s LinkedIn Ads service is another tool that can help your business grow to the next level.

The Perfect Platform for B2B Companies

For B2B businesses, LinkedIn advertisements are the best and most powerful advertising platform, featuring a huge list of approximately 55M firms. This is to say, LinkedIn differs from other platforms by its huge number of executive users. At Minimice, we have distinctive ideas and techniques for assisting you with advertising. To conquer a distinct platform like this one, choose a distinct LinkedIn Ads agency like ours.

Increase sales within the target group and relevant professional categories

LinkedIn Ads enhance revenue by targeting the relevant professional groups. Users’ career data is truly beneficial as advertisements can match users’ interests perfectly based on their specific fields.

Target by company, position and occupation

LinkedIn Ads can define audience parameters like company name, job title, business types, company location, etc. which is ideal for businesses looking for B2B customers.

Choose the right LinkedIn Ads for your business

Single Image Ads

Directly communicate with target audiences on LinkedIn feeds, both on desktop and mobile devices. Focus on concise and informative communication through a single image and a short caption.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are ads that can combine multiple images into a single ad. Users can swipe to view the images, which appear in the user’s feed.

Text Ads

Attract users with engaging Ad Copy by using Text Ads that focus on text. These ads will appear in the rightmost column of the platform.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are personalized ads that are automatically tailored to each user based on information in the user’s profile.

Sponsored Messaging

Increase engagement with your target audience on LinkedIn Messaging by sending them direct ad messages in the Messages inbox. There are two types of ads available: Message Ads and Conversation Ads.

Video Ads

Communicate with target audiences in many aspects through creative videos that tell stories and highlight brand strengths through Video Ads.

Job Ads

Increase job visibility with LinkedIn Job Ads, a platform that is specifically designed for job seekers and supports candidate search and job search.

The Superb Perks of LinkedIn Ads

Direct Connection to the C-Suite and Management Level

LinkedIn ads are so granular that they can target job titles, company names, and industry types. Advertising for C-level and management-level executives is a breeze. If you don’t want to miss out on this premium audience, LinkedIn Ads agency like MINIMICE can help!

Build Evident Brand Awareness in the target group

With 930M+ users from 220 countries around the world, it is literally a cakewalk to build brand awareness through LinkedIn Ads. Want another key highlight? The open rates have increased by 30% since 2021!

Collecting leads with efficiency

B2B Conversion Rate is 3x higher than other platforms and 5x higher than traditional landing pages. Lead collection partners from industry leaders such as Adobe, Bizible, or Hubspot also assure that lead generation campaigns via LinkedIn Ads will result in conversions.

Lucrative cross-platform remarketing ads

LinkedIn ad remarketing functions similarly to any other network, except the conversion is very high and compelling, whether it’s a 30% boost in CTR rate or a 14% drop in CPC. Take advantage of this big number and start your LinkedIn Ads with us.


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Frequently Asked Question

LinkedIn Ads is a form of advertising on the LinkedIn platform, which is specifically designed for professionals. It is therefore the most suitable platform for finding B2B business partners. The targeting of LinkedIn Ads can be very precise, down to the company name, job title, company location, or industry type.
LinkedIn accounts for 80% of global B2B companies on social media, and most users are knowledgeable C-level and management professionals interested in business. LinkedIn Ads are the best fit for B2B businesses rather than B2C.
This depends on the customer’s brand advertising budget or the company’s strategic planning. However, LinkedIn advertising is still relatively new to Thai marketers and businesses, so the ad cost may still be low. At a leading LinkedIn Ads agency like Minimice, we can make your advertising worthwhile and increase your sales, whether with a big or small budget.

LinkedIn Ads will help your business grow by achieving the following:

  • Significantly increase your B2B businesses’ visibility
  • Determine your target audience with precision
  • Build a superior lead generation for B2B businesses
  • Increase conversion rate effectively
  • Ensure that the target customer has purchasing power
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