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Improve the trustworthiness of your website with high-quality backlinks.

MINIMICE GROUP’s Backlink Building service finds high-quality, relevant websites nationwide to quickly boost your website’s ranking.

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High-quality backlinks from reputable websites in the country.

What is Backlink?

Backlink is the process of creating content to be published on other relevant websites, then creating a hyperlink in the keyword to link back to the desired page to improve the ranking on the search engine. If to understand it easily, backlinks are like when other high-quality websites with traffic and are already ranked send links back to our website. Google will see that our website is mentioned by other websites, is reliable, and gives more value to our website.

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SEO Blitz Strategy The 1st Agency in Thailand that sets KPI every 3 Months!

Strategic plans designed specifically by MINIMICE GROUP with over 400 tests that we dare to set KPIs every 3 months, we can achieve more that 98% of the goals, guaranteed by country’s leading customers.

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We are a digital agency specializing in SEO with more than 5 years of experience, with an 100% in-house team ready to support your website from the first step until it ranks on the search results.
We are behind the online marketing success of many brands in various industries, both B2B and B2C. We comprehend the narrative behind each enterprise. To analyze competitors and determine the most appropriate strategy for ongoing and lasting expansion
Even without a website, we provide online marketing support right from the start,our Website Developers always have your back. We ensure your SEO and complete online marketing are always watched over to increase business expansion opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the industry.
The SEO and online marketing strategies developed by Minimice Group’s team of experts that have been specially designed for each business with Blitz Strategy that plans and sets KPIs every 3 months to grow your business exponentially.
We believe in quality and performance. With more than 5 national awards guaranteed with the ability to drive brand growth. We create data-driven and results-driven marketing strategies. To ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Backlink Service from Expert Agency

Strategic Planning

Project Managers recommend backlink placement every month throughout the project. They study the client’s business in-depth to create a structure for improving the website’s ranking over time. They also select only websites that are suitable for each business.

High quality article

To build good backlinks, you need to analyze the search intent of keywords that have the potential to rank your website. This will help you write articles that meet the needs of your readers and are also optimized for SEO so that Google can understand them.

Search for popular and relevant websites

An outreach specialist team that searches and collects popular websites in a variety of industries so that we can build backlinks that cover the businesses of our clients in a variety of industries. This is because Google considers the relevance of the websites that are linked to each other.

Comprehensive websites directory

MINIMICE GROUP is a comprehensive directory of popular websites, both domestic and international, with high domain authority (DA) and low spam score. It covers a wide range of businesses to support all of our clients’ websites.

We’re a highly experienced Full-Team SEO Agency

For continued success and business growth, at Minimice Group, we have gathered a team of highly experienced SEO and Digital Marketing professionals to support and assist you from the first step.

MINIMICE’s SEO Agency Services

Result-Driven Digital Marketing Agency focuses on rapid and sustainable growth
SEO strategies to boost sales for online stores and E-commerce businesses in particular
Expand your business internationally, increase sales, and gain widespread recognition
Suitable for Brick & Mortar businesses with multiple branches or those looking to focus on specific locations
Promote website credibility with renowned, high-quality media and high ratings
A good article not only meets the requirements of a bot but also engages users in reading and can answer all user’s questions

SEO Backlink Service from MINIMICE GROUP

Performance-Based Digital Agency in Bangkok

Study and inspect the website

ทีม MINIMICE GROUP จะทำการศึกษาเว็บไซต์ของลูกค้าทุกรายอย่างละเอียด เพื่อทำความรู้จัก และเข้าใจในธุรกิจอย่างแท้จริง และทำการ Matching เว็บไซต์ Backlink ให้มีความเกี่ยวข้องกับธุรกิจของลูกค้ามากที่สุด

Guaranteed safety in building backlinks for all industries

MINIMICE GROUP’s backlink building service focuses on white hat methods, which means that we only build backlinks from high-quality websites with good domain authority and domain rating. We also use tools to check the quality of all websites before we use them. This helps to ensure that our clients’ websites get the traffic they need and improve their rankings in a sustainable way.

Backlinks with high DA/DR scores at a better price

We focus on building high-quality backlinks at an affordable price. We have websites to support any business because we are partners with major media outlets in Thailand and abroad. This ensures that all our customers receive high-quality backlink services that build trust, increase website traffic, and improve their rankings on Google.

Backlinks must have real traffic

The outreach team at MINIMICE GROUP will search for and select backlinks from websites that have real traffic. This is because building backlinks that focus on quantity but are from spam or low-quality websites can damage a website’s DA and DR scores, causing Google to view the website as spam. Therefore, to be effective, backlink building should only focus on high-quality websites.

Strategic planning for backlink building

MINIMICE GROUP focuses on strategic planning at every step to ensure that our backlinks are as effective as possible. This includes selecting websites that are relevant to our clients’ industries, as well as writing SEO-optimized articles that are tailored to each media outlet. This is done to ensure that readers have a positive experience and that our websites also receive more traffic.

Report Real-Time เจาะลึก และแผนการพัฒนาที่ชัดเจนในทุกขั้นตอน

การรายงานผลการดำเนินงานเป็นสิ่งสำคัญในการทำงานร่วมกันระหว่างเอเจนซี่และลูกค้า เพื่อความเข้าใจที่ตรงกันในเรื่องของแผนและผลลัพธ์การทำงาน รวมถึงการประเมินประสิทธิภาพการทำงาน เพื่อวางแผนกลยุทธ์ให้ธุรกิจของคุณเติบโตบนโลกออนไลน์มากที่สุด
Business growing together with us!

Measuring the success of backlinks

The ranking of the focus keywords is generally the best indicator of backlink success. At our backlink building agency, the following values serve as benchmarks for success:

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Related Keyword Rankings
  • Backlink Related Keyword Ranking
  • Backlink Brand Rank
  • Domain Authority (DA)/ Domain Rating (DR)
  • SERP Storm

Our SEO results measuring

SEO Measurement is essential for SEO agency. We generally focus on Google’s ranking, but that may not be the entirety of SEO. Brand’s primary goal is sales and brand awareness increasing. At Minimice Group, we mainly focus on ROAs. Here’re metrics that we focus on:

  • ROAs (Return on Assets)
  • Organic Traffic
  • Organic Conversion
  • Organic Conversion Rate
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Organic Impression
  • Core Web Vital (Website Speed)
  • Local Rankings
  • Google Map Rankings
  • Google Map Metrics

SEO is A Must for Success!

As the online business world continues to grow rapidly, the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has also increased. Many businesses that utilize SEO services have seen a significant increase in website traffic and customers.

Using SEO services offers numerous benefits for online businesses, including:

  • Improved visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Increased website traffic
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Significant sales growth
  • Enhanced brand awareness

While SEO may be a complex and time-consuming process, it is essential for businesses that want to compete online. Businesses that invest in SEO services can expect a real return on investment.

Frequently Asked Question

Backlink is the process of creating content to be published on other relevant websites, then creating a hyperlink in the keyword to link back to the desired page to improve the ranking on the search engine. If to understand it easily, backlinks are like when other high-quality websites with traffic and are already ranked send links back to our website. Google will see that our website is mentioned by other websites, is reliable, and gives more value to our website.

There are various factors to consider in Link Building before selecting a website, and MINIMICE GROUP will consider the following factors

  • Highly relevant to your industry
  • High DA/DR scores
  • A website that has a ranking and real traffic
  • Do Follow links (contribute SEO score to the website), and No Follow links (do not contribute SEO score to the website)
Backlinking functions as a supplement to numerous factors of SEO. If your website’s On-Page has already been optimized yet it ceases to climb higher, backlinks can help boost your ranking.
Getting backlinks from other websites is not difficult; it involves reaching out to the owners of the desired websites to request permission to publish articles on their sites and then creating hyperlinks back to our own website. The process of building backlinks is considered accomplished. Additionally, there are various forms of backlinking, whether it be through reciprocal linking or purchasing backlinks.
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